How to Fix an Air Conditioner

How to Fix an Air Conditioner

While air conditioners are normally quite reputable, there are a few points that can potentially fail with your system varying from minor troubles to significant problems that make you want to pull out your hair. Your air conditioner does not have to be a constant resource of frustration – there are air conditioner repair actions you can take at home to obtain everything running smoothly once more – or to avoid troubles from occurring in the first area!

Common Air Conditioning System Problems and How to Repair Them

There might be numerous factors why your Air Conditioner might be running poorly or not functioning entirely, including malfunctioning wiring, low refrigerant, and also bad setup – which all require to be attended to by a professional – there are a couple of main troubles that can be addressed at house.

The A/C Will Not Activate

Two typical reasons why your Air Conditioner will not start up are rather easy – it could be disconnected, or the thermostat can be low on batteries if it’s not tough wired.

The solution: This may seem noticeable, but the very first thing you must do is make certain that your Air Conditioner’s separate switch is on. Many people fail to remember that they close down their air conditioner over the winter and that they’ll need to flip it back on again.

Secondly, make certain your thermostat is functioning – if it’s not difficult wired, examine the batteries and ensure it’s set to cooling mode and also not heating. If your programmable thermostat is difficult wired and also it isn’t functioning, it’s most likely that you’re going to need to change it. For more info on dealing troubles with appliances, go to this link.

The A/C is Running, however There’s No Air Blowing

This trouble generally comes from obstructed as well as unclean air filters or frozen coils – as well as one can also result in the various other in most cases! Dirty air filters limit the air movement in your house as well as can trigger the temperature level in your evaporator to go down until you’re dealing with a solid block of ice.

The fix: If it’s the air filter triggering your troubles, the service is as simple as changing your dirty filter with a clean one to get things back on course. Obviously, you must be making it a routine to alter your filters every one to three months, relying on use.

Icy coils can be a little bit harder to deal with due to the fact that you need to determine why your ac system is cold to begin with. Frequently, simply altering your air filters or showing up the temperature on your thermostat can fix this issue for you.

It is necessary to note that you should not set your thermostat much listed below 70-72 levels since that subjects your evaporator coils – which are 40 degrees cooler than the air in your house – to subfreezing temperatures. If altering your air filters as well as increasing the temperature does not fix your frozen air conditioning system, it’s time to call a HEATING AND COOLING professional to identify and also recommend a best strategy.

The Air Coming from the Vents Isn’t Cold

As we mentioned before, your refrigerant-filled evaporator coils are 40 degrees colder than the air in your home, to ensure that indicates it will certainly return air that is 20 degrees cooler than space temperature level. This also implies that if the space temperature air is fairly cozy – let’s claim it’s 90 degrees – after that the air coming out of your vents will just be 70 levels, which may not feel that great to the touch.


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