Mortgage Loans and Foreclosure Banking Process

In the past week, I have actually viewed numerous video clips talking about Notes, Home Loans, as well as Repossessions as well as how alleged home loan small business loan are processed on the globe market. Bankers and also financial institutions convert the notes right into protections, negotiable instruments that are monetized by your signature and also are packed with hundreds of other note safeties as well as sold on the free market. The real problem with this process is:

( 1) The financial institutions never loaned the customer money for a home loan;

( 2) The home loan consumer’s promissory note is the cash. You, the real Financial institution, loaned the Lending institution the very first financing that was returned to you as a loan with interest from your Money Changer Loan Provider. Your note was transferred right into an account, in your name as well as the bank’s name as the recipient, and the amount was gotten by the financial institution to repay the seller’s equity and escrow closing agent, as well as others included;

( 3) Once the note remained in the possession of the financial institution or lending institution, the lenders, with their back area tasks OFFERED the mortgage, Note and also Home Loan Contract, to Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, or an additional bank via a commercial Count on and also were Paid-In-Full according to your note and mortgage agreement; therefore finishing your agreement with the Lender; and also

( 4) When your note as well as mortgage are sold right into the Trust, Freddie, Fannie, and/or the bank then EXCHANGE or TRANSFORM the note for US Bonds or Stocks.

These certifications are then sold on the competitive market to countries like China, France, Russia, Japan, and so on as Home mortgage Backed Stocks. At the same time, your note, mortgage agreement, as well as closing documents is CONVERTED into an electronic style, PDF, for future repossession if you do not pay the bogus concept and also passion on the CLAIMED mortgage.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago states in the Modern Cash Mechanics Financial Guidebook “a note is taken into consideration cash at stated value: in Modern Cash Mechanics, a Workbook on Bank Reserve and also Down payment Growth.

Released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, “What is Money?” as well as next we see on the following web page it is described that the bank does not really lending its cash to the consumer. “… bankers uncovered that they might make loans by giving their debenture, or bank notes, to borrowers to authorize as well as the bank then creates money (out of thin air based on the customer’s signature).”

What is the monthly repayment loan in Singapore? Who produces cash? after that, it states “it was a small action from publishing notes to making book access attributing DOWN PAYMENTS of debtors, which the debtors might in turn “invest” by writing checks, thereby “printing” their very own cash.” Notes are cash.

A check is a note. Finally on page 6 it is discussed in detail exactly how the borrower develops hi/her very own funds through the funding process by signing the financial institution’s promissory note which the KEEP IN MIND is a safety instrument, money, deposited right into the financial institution’s account at face value or declared finance amount value!

“What they do when they make lendings is to accept PROMISSORY NOTES in EXCHANGE for DEBTS to the BORROWERS PURCHASE ACCOUNT.”

On the very same page at paragraph 2 we see that those NOTES are EXCHANGED ‘through the trading desk’ for Treasury Bills from a dealer in UNITED STATE Federal government protections.” [referral – Modern Cash Mechanics Financial Handbook]

The Lender has been PAID for the KEEP IN MIND and also HOME LOAN Agreement when the Lending Institution MARKETED it! The note and home loan state this in no certain terms. You are still anticipated to proceed paying the BANK as if they still hold as well as have the NOTE.

The financial institutions are failing since they exercised deceptions, deceptiveness, as well as non disclosure in the lending process, and REMAIN TO make financings under this failing process. It is not completely the consumers “default on the supposed financing” that created the financial institutions’ failure.

Hell, the bank is being paid TWO TIMES, plus passion, on a claimed car loan they NEVER also paid one cent on. Then the financial institution has the nerve to take the consumer to court attempting to retrieve a house/property they never ever actually lent a cent on … as well as on a NOTE they sold on the open market … What a farce! What a scam on the American people.

The Banks are obtaining all their money free of cost, a 200% return, plus passion, on NOTHING!

This is the largest scam upon the American people in the history of male!

In recap, the financial institution never in fact car loans the borrower any money, the bank just processes the documents and also functions as a Money Exchanger to create an account to make the credit report access by accounting bookkeeping entrances.

The note is DEPOSITED as MONEY right into the financial institution’s or Loan provider’s account. They get a safety (called a “lunge”) against the note in the form of a UNITED STATE Bond or Stock Certificate, then offer the Intangible Certificate in small portions or parts to hundreds of capitalists on the competitive market.

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