Can Tea Lower Blood Pressure?

Many people ask: “can tea reduced blood pressure?” If you are seeking all-natural solutions to help in lowering hypertension, there are teas that can assist in this as well as there are research studies to document it.

There go to least 3 different solution to the inquiry: “can tea reduced blood pressure.” Tea can have a positive affect on vulnerability to high blood pressure; herbal tisanes can work as diuretics; and also some blends can function as vasodilators.


If you like eco-friendly tea or oolong tea, below is excellent news for you. A study released in the July 26, 2004, concern of Archives of Inner Medication showed that drinking fifty percent a cup or even more of eco-friendly tea or oolong tea everyday for a year or more can decrease the threat of high blood pressure by 46 percent. Even much better, consuming alcohol 2 and a half mugs of either drink day-to-day cuts the risk by 65 percent.

This research study checked out the results of tea drinking over a number of years in 1,507 locals of Taiwan who consume alcohol primarily green tea or oolong tea. The scientists took care to make up the kind and also amounts eaten, along with variables like obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, salt intake, and veggie usage. This research study offers solid evidence that the solution to the concern, “Can tea reduced high blood pressure?” is yes!


Clinical diuretics are commonly prescribed as part of a clinical routine to manage high blood pressure. They work by lowering the quantity of liquid in the body, therefore minimizing the pressure in capillary.

Several natural herbs are natural diuretics, creating the kidneys to excrete excess fluid from the body. There are numerous diuretic tisanes offered that are either solitary diuretic herbs or blends of natural herbs which contain natural diuretics. Also some blends of green, black and also oolong tea consist of herbs that are diuretic. Can tea reduced high blood pressure? Several herbal teas absolutely can. For more info on herbal tea for blood pressure, go to


Medical vasodilators are also recommended to manage high blood pressure. These medications function by increasing the capillary allowing blood to stream even more easily.

Capsaicin is an all-natural vasodilator which occurs in a variety of flavors as well as natural herbs, especially in spicy peppers. A few of those seasonings as well as herbs can be located in tea-like drinks on the marketplace, or they can be contributed to your favorite tea.


There is additionally a psychological or behavior component to hypertension. The way our bodies strained under the stress of modern culture often increases high blood pressure – strained muscular tissues can tighten capillary and also restricted blood vessels mean greater pressure in the blood vessels.

In contrast, putting in the time to loosen up and absolutely savor a preferred cuppa can ease an individual’s whole being. The resulting relaxation will definitely modest hypertension.

An experiment to try: take your blood pressure before having your tea. After that in a leisurely style mixture and drink your tea. When you cup is empty, take your blood pressure again. If you provide on your own the gift relaxation while consuming your tea, you will have your own personalized response to “Can tea lower high blood pressure?”

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