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Millions of people around the world suffer from some form of tremor condition.  In the United States alone an estimated 10 million people suffer from tremor. In the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide the figure is equally significant.

If you have a tremor that affects your hands you will know how difficult it can be to operate a computer using a mouse. Simple tasks like opening an email or clicking on a web button can be very difficult because of the erratic movements of the cursor on the screen and the problem of unintentional clicking caused by shaking fingers.

The Assistive Mouse Adapter technology was invented by IBM to address this problem. It works by filtering out the unintentional movements of the hand caused by a tremor. The effect of the adapter is much smoother movement of the cursor on the screen and greatly improved accuracy of mouse operation. It can also be set to filter out unintended multiple clicking of the mouse.

The Adapter works with all mainstream computers and operating systems. It is compatible with the latest Apple Mac computers plus computers using Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 etc. No additional software is required; the Assistive Mouse Adapter is simply plugged in between the computer and the mouse and can be switched on or off, and adjusted depending on the tremor severity 

You can buy the adapter over the Internet , or by contacting Montrose Secam direct.

The Assistive Mouse Adapter has become increasingly more sophisticated over the years.  It is of benefit to users in homes and offices as well as in public places like libraries and universities.

Montrose Secam is committed to working alongside international tremor foundations and tremor associations in many countries to help them offer support and advice to people with tremor conditions.

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